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The Battle of Little Bighorn


Elisa Gil-OsorioElisa Gil-Osorio - Casting Director

Elisa Gil-Osorio began her casting career as an undergraduate at Northwestern University where, after a summer internship in a commercial casting office in Chicago, she began casting student films and a groundbreaking student-run television show entitled "University Place."

After graduating from college she moved to Los Angeles and spent a brief amount of time in television casting before moving on to her true love, feature films. As casting assistant to Allison Cowitt and the legendary Mike Fenton, Gil-Osorio worked on projects such as "To End All Wars" (starring Kiefer Sutherland and Robert Carlyle), "Dinotopia" (the ABC mini-series), "Resistance" (starring Bill Paxton and Julia Ormond), "Blizzard" (starring Whoopi Goldberg) and "Snapshots" (starring Burt Reynolds and Julie Christie), to name a few. While working under Fenton and Cowitt, Gil-Osorio also began casting several of her own projects, including "Pleading the Fifth" (a USC short) and the highly acclaimed period piece, "Last Stand."

Following her two years with Fenton and Cowitt, Gil-Osorio worked briefly under Richard Hicks on such projects as HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Kenneth Lonergan's "The Waverly Gallery" for the Pasadena Playhouse (directed by Bruno Kirby), a Showtime pilot entitled "Earthlings," and Christopher Guest's upcoming feature "A Mighty Wind."

Gil-Osorio now works under Nancy Nayor and is currently helping cast features such as "Grind" for Warner Brothers, an independent entitled "Eulogy," and the upcoming sequel, "The Whole Nine Yards 2."

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